Cuban Tax Reform and Unfreedom of the West

November 4, 2010 03:55

It is telling that the tax rates of Cuban communists are now comparable with those in many so-called free countries.

By Vasko Kohlmayer at American Thinker


The result is that some people in countries such the United Kingdom and Denmark have to give up close to sixty percent of their annual income to the government.

According to E.J. McMahon and Josh Barr of the Manhattan Institute, “the total federal, state and city income-tax bite will exceed 50 percent” for some residents of New York City.

Incredibly, many Americans will have a greater portion of their income seized than their Cuban counterparts in comparable income brackets.

It is quite possible that American leftists will eventually succeed in raising our tax rates even higher than they are now. But we do not have to feel sorry for the monied among them, since they actually do not pay the taxes they publicly call for. We saw a striking demonstration of this two years ago during the confirmation process for the incoming Obama administration. One after another of various candidates had to withdraw because of tax fraud and evasion…but by no means all of them. In an ultimate twist of irony, one of the tax cheats even became Treasury Secretary.


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