Day of reckoning for climate clowns

November 5, 2010 19:21

Over two dozen conservatives who realize global warming is a hoax won election over cap and tax Democrats.

POLITICO reports that:

“Democrats who voted for the controversial House climate bill were slaughtered at the ballot box, including Rep. Rick Boucher, the 14-term Virginian who helped broker some of the key deals instrumental to its June 2009 passage. In the Senate, several reliable green advocates also went down to opponents who derided tough new environmental policies.”

Only thieves and fools are still trying to push the climate scam on the American people. The whole basis of the thoroughly discredited UN IPCC report which has been shown to be based on fake data, manipulated graphs and environmentalist opinions.

Any fool who even went to public junior high knows that the earth was warmer than it is now during the dinosaurs and there was no carbon spewing industry around to cause it.

Thousands of scientists have disputed the undisclosed data and highly politicized reports of climate Chicken Littles.

Even the EPA has admitted that CO@ restrictions will do virtually nothing to change climate temperatures. Yet they persist in attempting to ruin the US economy with onerous ‘greenhouse gas’ rules and regulations.

Only rich elitist Democrats and their corporate cronies like Goldman Sachs, GE and BP will benefit from the carbon trading scheme that borders on a criminal fraud against the American people.

I could write volumes about this outrageous fraud but just peruse the following articles which disclose what a sham and downright criminal enterprise it all is.

~ Michael Whipple, Editor

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