DeMint: Obama, Pelosi Not ‘Free Market Americans As I Understand It’

November 16, 2010 06:31

In an interview with on Monday, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) would not say whether he thinks President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) are “extremists,” but he said he thinks they are not “free market Americans.”

By Dan Joseph at


On Monday, at a rally on Capitol Hill held by the conservative group Americans For Prosperity, asked DeMint, “Given that most Americans consider themselves to be conservative – upwards of 40 percent these days in most polls – do you consider Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi ‘extremists’”?

DeMint said, “Well, I think the labels sometimes aren’t helpful, but they certainly aren’t free market Americans as I understand it. Freedom comes from millions of people making their own decisions. The folks in power now think that a few people should be making the decisions for everybody else, whether it’s education, health care, whatever.  It’s just a different worldview that doesn’t fit with American philosophy.”

“So I think instead of calling it ‘right’ or ‘left’ or ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative,’ if it’s American, if it’s constitutional, then that’s where we should go,” said DeMint. “I don’t think the president is in line with that right now.”


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