Illinois Hardball Politics: “Democrats Are Prepared to Steal This Election”

November 2, 2010 04:39

“Your readers need to understand that this amounts to $1 million of walking around money for Alexi Giannoulias,” one insider warned.  “This is money that very well could be used to literally buy the election at the street level.”

Guy Benson at


But a number of Illinois GOP operatives I spoke with today expressed concerns about an eleventh-hour development in the race: A $1 million cash infusion from the DNC into the state late on Saturday, coinciding with the President’s Hyde Park Rally.

A second GOP operative echoed these concerns, pointing out that it’s too late in the game to spend seven figures on advertising.  “First of all, at this stage, there is nowhere near $1 million-worth of available advertising inventory to buy,” he said.  “Secondly, even if there were, they couldn’t possibly turn TV, radio, or mailers around in time.  It’s too late.”  This Republican source said state Democratic Chairman and Illinois Speaker of the House, Mike Madigan, is “identifying key districts and precincts, and sending cash.

In furtherance of Republicans’ effort to leave no stone unturned, Kirk’s conservative primary foe, Patrick Hughes, issued a statement to his former supporters, reiterating his support for Kirk and urging them to back the Republican ticket:


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