Keeping the Lame Duck from Waddling

November 15, 2010 05:25

The Democrats face their last grasp of legislative power in the lame duck session ahead. Conservatives must mobilize to prevent the mischief that could lie ahead.

By Bruce Walker at American Thinker


What could a lame duck session do? It could do anything. House members already voted out of office in Red districts need not fear the wrath of the voters. Fifty-nine senators will be close to cloture strength, with “Senator” Manchin and “Senator” Coons voting while “Senator” Kirk waits for a file clerk in Springfield to find that darned missing paperwork needed to swear him into office. So all the great evils we feared from Obama can be done in a single day by a Left massively repudiated by the voters.

Conservatives are savvy about politics. We know what a cloture vote means. We also know that Senator Kirk is being denied his right to sit in the Senate by corrupt politics in Illinois, Obama’s home state. We should flood these twenty Democrats with emails, phone calls, and letters to make sure they know are watching and that we will not forget. Seat Senator Kirk or wait two months to do business. But side with the Far Left and that vote will be fatal to your political career. Keep this lame duck from waddling and the first post-election test of will between conservatives and Leftists will be won.


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