Obama plans to avoid congress for global climate agreement

November 29, 2010 15:37

Each member of Congress — including those Democrats up for re-election in 2012 — should be asked if he or she approves of executive branch officials colluding with other countries and the UN to flout the will of Congress.

By Chris Horner at The Daily Caller


As Obama said after the electoral shellacking, “there are other ways to skin that cat.” With more journalists regularly employing the traditionally uncommon phrase that Obama is now “halfway through his term,” the clock to engineer the world the way the Obama administration wants does seem to be ticking.

What Stern and Pershing are hinting at is an “executive agreement” strategy. Among these instruments is something called a “Congressional-executive agreement,” which is a treaty that the political class agrees to not call a treaty.

Outside advocates are ratcheting up their advocacy of this yet again. We all know that Team Soros and other spokes in the wheel of “Big Left” are pushing an executive order strategy, particularly on the “climate” issue now that cap and trade is dead. Anyone who follows the EPA has seen rules in recent months that will shut down cement kilns and paper plants. Power plants are next.

The American people do care about process, despite Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Robert Gibbs insisting otherwise. They care about the Constitution, sovereignty and their rights. These cute hints from Team Obama that they’ll get their international “climate” agreement, by whatever means necessary, is a great context to have that reaffirmed.


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