Senate Blocks Repeal of Burdensome Tax-Filing Requirement on American Businesses

November 30, 2010 07:06

Another job killing move by Obamacare Democrats. Under the new law, nearly 40 million U.S. businesses would start filing tax forms in 2012 for every vendor that sells them more than $600 in goods.

By Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press via


Senators tried twice on Monday to amend an unrelated food safety bill to repeal the filing requirement. Both proposals, one by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and another by Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., failed to get the necessary two-thirds majority.

“Billions of taxpayer dollars sit in unspent accounts and a very small percentage of those funds would give small businesses a much-needed break from the impending tax paperwork tsunami,” Johanns said.


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