The Green Bubble is about to Burst

November 5, 2010 05:29

FAKE: The temperature trend used by the IPCC (the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) to support their conclusion about anthropogenic global warming (AGW) is likely to turn out to be fake.

Just pause and think about that a minute. FAKE! The whole drive by the president and his Environmental justice Pushing Agency (EPA) is based on FAKE data! And yet just yesterday the president reiterated his push for ‘greenhouse gas’ restrictions and taxes being onerously pushed at the EPA even saying the EPA is ‘under court order’ to do so. Shouldn’t we take a closer look at this whole climate scam if it is going to cost Americans trillions of dollars and accomplish nothing more than a transfer of wealth? Oh, wait, that is the purpose. Remember Obama said he just ‘wanted to spread the wealth around’ a little. ~ Editor

By S. Fred Singer at American Thinker


The situation will become clear once Virginia’s attorney general, Kenneth Cuccinelli, obtains information now buried in e-mails at the University of Virginia. Or Hearings on Climategate by the U.S. Congress may uncover the “smoking gun” that demonstrates that the warming trend used by the IPCC does not really exist.

Once the public accepts these scientific conclusions, it should have immense consequences for policy. It will mean that the impact of rising CO2 levels is negligibly small, as has already been concluded by the NIPCC (Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change), a group of scientists skeptical of the U.N.-supported IPCC. It would also mean that wind energy, solar energy, and other “non-carbon” energy sources are not needed and are in fact counterproductive.

One may expect a huge outcry and serious and protracted opposition from those who have built their careers on global warming hype and who have made investments in alternative energy or are looking for immense profits from carbon trading.

Having successfully exploited domestic subsidies, Europeans are now looking at the United States as the new “land of opportunity.” A recent example (described in the Wall Street Journal of Oct. 26, 2010) is the world’s largest solar-thermal power plant, on 7,000 acres of Federal land in the desert of southern California. The $6-billion project is a venture by two German companies, and it may be eligible for a cash subsidy of nearly one billion dollars in taxpayer money. Even after these subsidies, the cost of the electricity generated will be 30 to 70 percent more expensive than electricity generated by natural gas, the dominant electricity-generating fuel in California.


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