The thrill is gone – Obama, Clinton preach to empty seats

November 1, 2010 09:19

Obama short 5,000 fans in 13,000 seat auditorium after Clinton failed by a thousand to fill a Detroit gym at Renaissance High School a week before.

A week before the elections Clinton spoke on behalf of Michigan Democrat gubernatorial candidate Virg Bernero at the Renaissance High School gym in Detroit. About 500 showed up which left the gym two thirds empty according to an article at

Obama received his Halloween trick at Cleveland State University’s 13,000-seat Wolstein Center where about 5,000 seats remained empty to hear his desperate plea to the party faithful to rejuvenate the enthusiasm they had before they found out so much about him. Story at the New York Post

It would seem that both the former Democrat president and the new Socialist Democrat president have trouble selling the socialization of the American dream.

~ Editor

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