Van Jones wins! $4.6 billion to indians and black farmers

November 20, 2010 10:52

Bloomberg reports: U.S. Senate yesterday approved spending $4.6 billion to settle two lawsuits: one by black farmers who alleged racial discrimination by government lenders and the other by 300,000 American Indians who said they had been cheated out of land royalties dating to 1887.

Remember the hoopla about self avowed communist Van Jones when he was on the White House staff as the ‘Green Jobs’ czar?

The Pigford Pig-Out and the Election

According to sworn testimony by John Boyd, President of the National Black Farmers Association, there are 18,000 black farmers. They could not all have been victims of discrimination. To date, there have been over 94,000 claims made. These numbers speak to massive fraud.

Bias Settlement Now Reparations Slush Fund

A settled lawsuit intended to pay thousands of dollars to black farmers discriminated against by the federal government is instead being used as a billion-dollar slush fund doling out reparations for slavery.

Obama reopened USDA discrimination claims – costs could climb to over $2 billion

Claims against the USDA total 500% of actual black farmers. The case had been closed after over $ 1 billion in payments until Obama reopened the case and another $1 billion is being authorized. Is this what Obama meant by spread the wealth?

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