Here comes the Obama regime thought police

December 3, 2010 11:53

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps says to bolster “traditional media,” the FCC should conduct a “public value test” of every commercial broadcast station at re-licensing time. Programming must pass government ‘test’ or no license.

By Susan Jones at


“If a station passes the Public Value Test, it of course keeps the license it has earned to use the people’s airwaves,” Copps said. “If not, it goes on probation for a year, renewable for an additional year if it demonstrates measurable progress. If the station fails again, give the license to someone who will use it to serve the public interest.”

Although Copps has said the FCC will not reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, his prescription for “testing” commercial broadcast stations (see below) will alarm defenders of free speech and free enterprise.


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