Palin `Absolutely’ Electable as President, Republican Governor Jindal Says

December 6, 2010 05:12

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that Sarah Palin is “absolutely” electable as president, a topic of debate among Republicans even though she has yet to announce her intentions for 2012.

By Lisa Lerer & Ian Katz at


“It’s up to her to make the case to voters,” Jindal said in an interview on “Political Capital With Al Hunt” on Bloomberg Television.

Jindal, 39, was asked about recent comments by Joe Scarborough, an MSNBC commentator and former Republican congressman from Florida, who said it was time for Republicans to “man up” and recognize the former Alaska governor is a reality TV show star who cannot be elected.

Jindal said he is “biased towards governors and those that have run organizations and executives who’ve had to balance budgets, make tough choices.”


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