The Immortal Tyranny Of Climate Change

December 29, 2010 09:00

So much for the latest “hard pivot to jobs,” announced only five days ago by President Obama.  These EPA regulations are guaranteed job-killers, dropping a huge new tax on every affected business… which will, ultimately, be every business that uses energy.

by John Hayward at Human Events


Here’s another one, and it’s even bigger:  a year after the Climagate scandal decisively exposed the fraud of global warming, and acting in the face of a new Republican House that does not look kindly on climate change flim-flams, the Obama Administration is preparing to enforce their ideology through EPA greenhouse gas regulations.

Yes, cap-and-trade is back again.  It crawled out of the House of Representatives chewing on a couple billion dollars of fried pork, then collapsed and died of a coronary on the Senate floor… but it’s simply been retooled and forced on America as a set of regulations, due to take effect on January 2nd.

The latest vehicle for delivering this immortal tyranny is the Clean Air Act, which has been mutated by ten year’s worth of lawsuits into an open-ended warrant for the Environmental Protection Agency to give itself any powers it thinks it needs, any time it sees a problem it wants to address.  Environmental activists persuaded it to declare “greenhouse gasses” a public health threat that required regulation.  (You could hear the bureaucrats howling in pain as their arms were twisted, all the way from the lobby of the EPA offices.)


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