The Islamic tsunami

December 16, 2010 08:19

Is an Islamic tidal wave coming? “There is a plan to take over Western civilization,” warns David Rubin, “and we need to recognize it for what it is.”

Washington Times Editorial


The second and more threatening wave is the creeping takeover of Western political and social institutions, something Mr. Rubin calls the “silent tsunami.” The spearhead of this movement is “collusion between Islamic ideologues and the far left to promote the idea of moral relativism,” he said, “that all values and ideologies are equal. But they are not. Americans have never believed this.”

Confronting the growing threat to Western civilization first involves admitting the problem exists, something President Obama not only refuses to do but strongly denies. The administration has censored any discussion of the problem in these terms within the government, preferring to focus on ill-defined “violent extremism” when the real extremist threat is only partly violent and wholly Islamicist.


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