The Real War On Christmas

December 6, 2010 11:57

What’s beyond dispute is that the ideology that fueled his hatred, radical Islam, is targeting Christianity in a religious war meant to destroy the Judeo-Christian foundation of our country.

Gary Bauer at Human Events


Predictably, when asked about the incident, many of Portland’s political elites refused to discuss Mohamud’s faith.

It reminds me of General George Casey’s remark after Muslim soldier Nidal Hasan massacred 14 people at Fort Hood in 2009. Casey said that as bad as the massacre was, “it would be an even greater tragedy if our diversity becomes a casualty here.” Really General? Worshipping at the diversity alter is more important than preventing the deaths of 14 of America’s heroes.

Last Sunday, two days after Mohamud’s arrest, a small fire was reported at the Salman Al-Farisi Islamic Center, which Mohamud attended. A few days later, hundreds of locals turned out in the rain for a candlelight vigil to show solidarity and support of the mosque. Local contractors and real estate agents are even reportedly offering their services to the mosque.

I have nothing against the vigil itself, but where was the “support…care…and love” last spring when a series of church fires hit Oregon, including a large church arson in Portland? In fact, dozens of attacks have been committed against churches across the country over the last couple years, but few of them got much attention.


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