The Sierra Club’s Mission

December 24, 2010 06:00

The Earth worshipers pose a clear and present danger to America’s energy supply, and therefore to the people’s health and wealth.

By Chuck Rogér at American Thinker


Well-adjusted people “care” about neither purple nor global warming.

But for the last fifteen years, there has been no “global warming” to “care about.”

Considering the downward average temperature trend for Earth’s atmosphere so far this century [1], maybe Sierra Clubbers will take to waving signs warning, “Global cooling: Be Afraid; Be Very Afraid.”

Global warmists are doubling down as well.  Since Climategate revealed the massive dishonesty that shaped the global warming hoax, “climate change” goons have ratcheted up the gooniness.

The Sierra Club’s coal-killing tactics seriously threaten America.  The Wall Street Journal reports that coal plants will constitute only 10 percent of new power generation capacity by 2013, a 44-percent drop since 2009.

Sierra-style global warmists have a firm Capitol Hill lobbying foothold from which to push the “no more coal” objective.  Many more Climategates may be needed to loosen the grip that environmental dogmatists have on campaign contribution-hungry politicians.  Worse still, unless and until Obama leaves the White House in 2013, there’s little hope for reversing the president’s ruinous national energy policy.  A Wall Street Journal analysis summarizes Obama’s approach: “Phase One: Inaugurate the era of ‘green’ energy. Phase Two: Overturn the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Phase Three: Carbon neutrality.”

Since 2001 alone, the Sierra Club claims to have killed two-thirds of the 150 coal-fired power plants originally proposed for construction.  The hopes and wishes of green zealots are now also bolstered by backdoor EPA regulatory methods that help the Sierra Club further its anti-progress agenda.

But human suffering does not concern the Sierra Club.


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