What is Hillary up to?

December 4, 2010 16:32

Our take on the Clinton future. Remember when Hillary was involved with FBI files of 900 people? Now the Wikileaks have shown her State Department was actively seeking dirt on world leaders and influential individuals.

With a former president and with wife Hillary as the current Secretary of State, the Clinton team can shakedown not only businesses but entire countries. The Clinton Global Initiative cranked up in New York recently with an attendee list of leftists, global warming profiteers and climate hucksters that put Al Gore to shame.

With Hillary getting the goods on corporate world leaders and heads of state the Clinton grifters can really turn up the global heat. Then there is the millions Bill gets from trading influence to his Arab buds like the Dubai port deal.

Why should should Hillary put up with the headaches of being POTUS when she can be Queen of the new world order.


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