Wik-ed by John bolton

December 6, 2010 06:40

Wikileaks has compromised the confidentiality and integrity of U.S. diplomatic communications, causing damage that will reverberate for years in incalculable ways.

John Bolton at Human Events


Foreigners—whether  government officials, members of opposition parties in democracies, political rivals, authoritarian rulers, business, religious or civic leaders—will now wonder if what they say in trust will remain private.  Communications will dry up or be reduced to rote repetitions of “safe” talking points.  While candor will hopefully return over time, the ever-present risk of reading in a newspaper what was said in whispers to an American diplomat will never be far from the minds of our interlocutors.

he cure?  Most important is the maximum punishment of every U.S. citizen in any way engaged in this treason.  And for whomever allowed the lapse to occur for the downloading of these documents, even if not part of the espionage, firing or debarment from any future federal contracts for as far as the eye can see.  Show no mercy.

And as for Wikileaks itself, and anyone cooperating with its malicious enterprise, now is the time to test our cyber-warfare capabilities.  Fire away.


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