Chinese-North Korean Axis Heightening Need for U.S. Missile Defense Shield

January 17, 2011 09:17

“Reagan said it was inherently more moral to prevent an attack than to retaliate for one.  After all, we’ve already got swords.  Why not have shields too?”

By Ashton Ellis at Center for Individual Freedom


The U.S. government should “quit asking China for its help in dealing with North Korea because the Chinese are helping North Korea develop their nuclear capabilities.”

Echoing concern about China’s growing influence in the world, Kennedy says China’s alliances with enemies of the West mirrors a strategy used by Soviet Russia to test American resolve during the Cold War. The result is a series of proxy battles around the globe designed to create a sense of feeling hemmed in by hostile governments. Indeed, China’s close ties to Iran, Venezuela and, yes, Russia, should cause concern for American citizens and policymakers. All of these regimes are characterized by degraded notions of political freedom, with quick recourse to shows of force.

According to Kennedy, the merits of a missile defense program should appeal even to liberals. “The reality of missile defense is that it provides a way to reduce the threat of nuclear missiles. If we all have offensive nuclear forces and missile defense, countries are much more likely not to use them.” On the other hand, “if only some countries have missile defense systems, then those without such shields are vulnerable.”


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