New Hispanic Group to Promote School Choice

January 26, 2011 05:10

A newly formed group of Hispanics in Milwaukee, who believe they should have a choice in determining the school where their children participate, gathered Monday at the United Community Center to present their views to school officials and legislators that were expected to attend.

Aaron Rodriguez, secretary of Hispanics for School Choice, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the new non-profit was formed to promote the expansion of parental school choice throughout the state. The group’s agenda includes removing enrollment caps and income requirements.

Milwaukee is another city where according to the group, the Hispanic population grew by 41% between 2000 and 2007. The story said that this growth has led to an increased participation in the school choice program, for example, St. Anthony’s Catholic School on the city’s south side has 99% Latinos and 99% of its students on the voucher program, according to the group’s web site.

Executive board members of the group include Zeus Rodriguez, a local business owner who is active in the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders; Victor Huyke, owner of El Conquistador newspaper; Daisy Cubias, an aide to Mayor Tom Barrett and Ivan Gamboa, vice president of Tri-city Bank.

Those on the advisory committee include James Klauser, former Secretary of Administration for Gov. Tommy Thompson, Jose Delgado, founder of the American Transmission Company; Anselmo Villarreal, the president and CEO of La Casa de Esperanza and Susan Mitchell, president of School Choice.

The Americano/Agencies

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