To save America from economic disaster, the GOP leadership must take courageous political risks

January 26, 2011 06:22

Obama’s spending binge has transformed a problem — one that has existed for years, and was caused by both parties — into an imminent crisis.

By Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel – The Daily Caller


Obama inherited a bad budget situation and in a remarkably short period made it dramatically worse. It wasn’t long ago that trillion-dollar deficits seemed unthinkable. Under Obama, they’re the new normal. Americans now owe the equivalent of $45,300 for every person in the country. Our national debt is speeding toward 100% of our GDP.

The president’s calls for massive new spending — rebranded as “investment” — seem like a cruel joke in this economic environment. Even more depressingly, he displayed no appetite for cutting entitlements, the uncontested root of the problem. Obama isn’t serious about reducing the debt. He’s not even bothering to pretend otherwise.

On the other hand, why should he? Obama never campaigned as a small government conservative. He never claimed to believe in fiscal restraint.

In Washington, the accepted smart move is to do nothing to defuse the entitlement bomb. To act is to risk being demagogued to death by interest groups claiming to speak for aggrieved old people. Just ask George W. Bush.


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