A Madisonian Case for Rubio in 2012

February 21, 2011 08:19

I believe conservatives should draft Marco Rubio as our nominee in 2012. (See www.draftmarcorubio.com.)

By Chet Arthur at American Thinker


Seasoning in the U.S. Senate too often involves learning the arcane folkways of what members call “the world’s greatest deliberative body.” Too often long-serving senators lose the ability to communicate powerfully with Americans at the grassroots.

As conservatives, we are facing a crisis. Every day Barack Obama rules, we are standing into danger. We are facing a perfect storm of defense, economic, and social crises. In every area of our national life, our liberties and our very national existence are in danger.

Rubio can overcome conservatives’ severe 67/30 problem. Liberals are consoling themselves, even after Obama’s shellacking, with the idea that if 67% of Hispanics vote for Barack Obama in `12 as they did in `08, Obama will be re-elected. Further, fully 30% of third graders are Hispanic. In ten years, they’ll be voters. Failure to bring a substantial portion of this rapidly demographic into our ranks will doom conservatism in the future.


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