Eco-Fascism in the classroom: LSU professor pushes hysterical warming claims, denigrates students who disagree

February 8, 2011 09:20

“Blood will be on your hands” Dr. Bradley Schaefer tells students who disagree. He has students sit according to their belief in AGW. He suggests less population and lower lifestyles as the solution.

Eco-Fascism in the classroom by

Eco-Fascism in the classroom 1: College professor berates students over global warming scepticism, says “Blood will be on your hands.”

This is the first of a three-post series that shows what happens when a professor brings his politics into the classroom. An LSU astronomy professor mocks and ridicules right-leaning students for their opinions about global warming.

Dr. Bradley Schaefer – LSU

Astronomy professor Dr. Bradley Schaefer of Louisiana State University seated his class according to their opinions on the proper policy response to global warming.

His class seating chart, which ranged from “US should do nothing” to “mandatory birth control” and “eliminate all engines,” seemed — to one student — “an opportunity for our teacher to openly mock” right-leaning students in class.

As students file into the room, Dr. Schaefer shouts his warnings to students who sit in the corner of the room that advocates no governmental action in response to global warming.

“You will not want your children, if they live, why you’re sitting on that corner, that you’re part of the trouble, right?” he says. Then he tells another student, “Too little, too late. Blood will be on your hands.”

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No professor should be able to mock his students’ for their beliefs, but no professor or college will change until you stand up for what’s right.

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