Major Networks, the Lamestream Media Again Shows Hypocrite Colors

February 22, 2011 05:33

Events over the past weeks in Egypt closely followed by a labor unrest situation in Wisconsin have provided much evidence of the seriously biased reporting of those news reporting organs which choose not to report, but more to distort any potential news items to the public.

By Jerry McConnell

By now just about every American, save for most of the Obama supporters, knows how “in the bag” the big networks of ABC, CBS and NBC are for the socialist loving, liberal Democrats from the Obama Administration on down to the bottom of the line .

They keep proving it on a daily and nightly basis.

Events over the past weeks in Egypt closely followed by a labor unrest situation in Wisconsin have provided much evidence of the seriously biased reporting of those news reporting organs which choose not to report, but more to distort any potential news items to the public.

The events in Egypt produced a vault full of incidents on video tape, audio tape and live coverage of the openly distraught people of Egypt taking to the streets demanding the removal of their dictator leader, Hosni Mubarek who had been in power for the past thirty years.

These captured examples of an oppressed people who had finally reached the saturation point of brutal and undemocratic rule had but one single goal with their demonstrations, – democracy freedom. Huge throngs of these beat down Egyptian citizens swarmed the capitol city of Cairo’s main square for days and nights on end until the tyrannous dictator abandoned his fortress and fled the country for his own safety.

Fresh on the heels of that often bloody from street fights contention in Egypt another different group of people took to the streets of the city of Madison, the capitol of the state of Wisconsin. The major difference between the two types and compositions was striking; the Egypt crowd consisting of brutalized and overtly attacked citizens demanding redress of their complaints of tyrannical treatment, while the Wisconsin crowd consisted of pampered and overpaid workers who demanded more at the threat of some reductions in order to stop the runaway increasing of the states deficits and debts.

In other words, one side justified due to a lack of civil treatment and governmental caring while the other was totally unjustified cry-baby whimpering and bleating when the government refused to continue the excessive compensations for services already in place and proposed to be made more equitable for all of the taxpaying citizens of the state.

In Egypt the people in the streets were successful in removing the tyrannical and abusive dictator with hopes for a more caring and bountiful government. In Wisconsin, the people in the streets were joined in their complaints by many thousands of outsiders brought to the scene by a group that is considered Obama’s own forces, Organizing for America who bused in nearly 70,000 persons to add to the protestors ranks, while the usurper president himself called the state’s actions, “an assault on unions.”

How about that for outright presidential disdain for the rest of the American citizens in Wisconsin and the rest of the states? He publicly stuck it to all the others citizens in gross violation of presidential equanimity while favoring a small band of miscreant and unjustified demands.

All you taxpayers nationwide better remember this; your usurper president will throw you under the bus if it’s a decision between you and a union.

What I have just produced here is an outline of the two different sides in the contentions in both Egypt and Wisconsin, how one side was in the interests of the people and in the other is was all one-sidedness involving pure greed and dishonest on the part of a very high public official.

Now I will show the lack of true journalism and the malpractice with one-sidedness of the three major networks, commonly these days called the Lamestream Media; ABC, CBS and NBC. You could add CNN and MSNBC to those three and not miss a beat.

In the Media Research Center’s MRC Alerts online on February 20, 2011 these inequities in reporting shows in bright lights the absolute bias and unfairness of the Lamestream Media covering the same two incidents as above.

No. 1 – NBC Anchor Brian Williams justified the “fury” in the workers in Wisconsin against a plan to balance the budget “on their backs” equating the leftist protests with those against the Arab dictatorships allowing workers to trash Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker but not showing a worker with a sign with a hammer and sickle and the name Scott Stalin.

No. 2 – ABC’s Christiane Amanpour has characterized the Tea Party as “extreme,” declaring “people are looking at the Tea Party and saying this is not conservatism as we knew it but it’s extreme.” On Sunday, however, with “People Power” plastered on screen over video of union members in Wisconsin, she saw only a genuine “populist” outpouring of “people power” in Madison. “This week” she announced in conflating the union grievance in Madison with protests against Arab dictators, “people power making history. A revolt in the Midwest and a revolution sweeping across the Middle East.” She touted how “populist frustration is boiling over this week…in the middle of this country” as “a budget war threatens to shut down the federal government. And now union workers fighting back.”

But of course the unions weren’t being “extreme.”

No. 3 – The same networks that assailed the allegedly ‘extreme’ invective from the Tea Party have, thus far, not found anything that way about signs implying that Wisconsin’s Republican governor, is a Nazi or a dictator in the style of Hosni Mubarak. On Thursday’s newscasts and Friday’s Today, Good Morning America and the Early Show, the extreme rhetoric of some of the signs went unremarked. Some of the images, which included pictures of Walker as Adolf Hitler and signs that read “Scott Mubarak: Get Out,” were seen briefly during crowd shots.

No. 4 – On Friday’s CBS Early Show, co-host Chris Wragge attempted to portray Wisconsin Governor’s efforts to curb costly benefits for public sector unions in his state as purely political: “Your teachers union, which votes Democratic…hit very hard. Yet your police, state trooper, firemen unions, who all supported and endorsed you, did not get touched in any of this. Why is that?” In the live interview, Walker quickly dismantled the entire premise of Wragge’s attack: “Chris that actually is not true. There are 314 fire and police unions in the state. Four of them endorsed me. All the rest endorsed my opponent.”

Thanks Media Research Center for these excellent truth teller clips.

One of these days fairness may even stretch to the outer fringes of impartial journalism; but don’t look for it to come from ABC, CBS & NBC

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