An open letter to John Boehner and the GOP

March 17, 2011 04:21

Many of those who supported the Obama candidacy have jumped ship, realizing just how dangerous this regime is to their businesses and the welfare of our country.

– A.J. Cameron at Canada Free Press


Pull the plug on ObamaCare!  Pull the plug on taxpayer funding of abortion!  Pull the plug on Dodd-Frank!  Pull the plug on NPR!  Pull the plug on PBS!  Pull the plug on the National Endowment of the Arts (NEA)!  Pull the plug on the EPA!  Drill, baby drill, and protect our sovereignty!

There appears to be two sets of rules within the Federal government, one for the Progressives, in which the ends justify the means, and one for those of character, in which protocol is used as a diplomatic guideline, not wielded as a weapon.  In the political exchange within the Federal government, the Progressives have fired lethal legislative ammunition while the GOP is returning fire with beanbag bills of Continuing Resolutions.


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