Is Soros’s One World Currency a Leftist Plot?

March 30, 2011 08:53

[T]he one-world conspiracy goes back at least 100 years in its modern incarnation and probably longer. Soros hasn’t been alive that long. He’s a Johnny-Come-Lately relatively speaking.

From The Daily Bell


The labels don’t really matter. Soros may have a more statist and activist approach than some other billionaires, but this is a matter of degree not principle. So we would argue such labels like “leftist” distort what is really occurring and confuse people about how globalist plans are being implemented, and why.

Paul Volcker’s entire career has revolved around service not to Soros but to one of the 20th century’s leading elitists, David Rockefeller, who surely helped place his protégé (Volcker) at the pinnacle of the American banking establishment when Volcker served as Federal Reserve Chairman in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

More recently Volcker headed up a UN Investigative task force that basically absolved the world body of very much wrongdoing in the so-called oil-for-food scandal. How did Volcker end up running the UN investigation? We would venture a guess that it has to do with his continuing ties to the Rockefellers and David Rockefeller in particular. David Rockefeller is very old now and travels in a wheel chair, but he was recently spotted in Chile and there seems no doubt that while the body is failing the mind still remains willing. At one point in his career Volcker served as Rockefeller’s personal assistant.

In fact, nothing that Soros is trying to accomplish is any different than what the IMF is trying to obtain as well and very publicly. A few months ago the IMF produced a substantial white paper explaining how SDRs could evolve into a true world currency with a global bond market, etc. Last year American Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made news by endorsing the idea of such a global currency and indicated that America was willing to play a role in advancing such an effort.


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