Reid vows to stand in the way of any efforts to reform Social Security

March 29, 2011 06:47

“Back off Social Security,” Reid told a cheering crowd. “It’s in great shape for many decades. Let’s worry about Social Security when it’s a problem. Today it is not a problem.”

By Chris MoodyThe Daily Caller

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada joined Sens. Tom Harkin, Iowa Democrat, Bernie Sanders, Vermont independent, Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, and Al Franken, Minnesota Democrat, at a “Hands Off Social Security” rally where all of them insisted that Social Security — the nation’s largest program that costs about $700 billion a year — adds nothing to the deficit or debt.

“Social Security has nothing to do with reducing the deficit,” Franken added. “Social Security benefits should not be cut at all, for anyone, as part of efforts to reduce the deficit.”


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