America’s Vichy Regime?

April 21, 2011 04:19

Worse, the enemy is internal, threatens to enslave generations with nearly unpayable obligations, and America’s leaders seem either helpless to deal with it or cannot agree on a common policy, which amounts to the same thing.

By Marvin Folkertsma at American Thinker


But the lessons imparted by those dark years of Nazi occupation transcend historical era and nationality, touching upon equivalent circumstances in the United States for the past few years.

Petain was accompanied by legions of experts, administrators, and technocrats, who shared Petain’s disdain for ordinary people and democratic processes, and by strident French fascists who even welcomed their country’s defeat.  Indeed, although fascists hated democracy, they also believed that Petain’s measures did not go far enough to remake the country’s institutions.  The main thing this menagerie of “minorities” — to use Stanley Hoffmann’s phrase — had in common was the loathing they shared of their own country.

Further, like his aged counterpart before him, President Obama took advantage of a crisis to “transform” American institutions instead of grappling with the country’s main problems — national debt, unemployment, recession, and burgeoning entitlement costs, to name a few.  He made matters worse by augmenting entitlements, exploding federal deficits, exacerbating unemployment, and blaming others for the inevitable mess that ensued.

Thus, Obama Administration officials forbid offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, the Alaskan coast, and ANWR, and block exploration of huge reserves of shale oil in the Rocky Mountain States, the combination of which would make our country energy independent, at least until suitable substitutes are created.  America’s Petainiacs apparently reason that preserving the United States’ oil dependency on regimes that despise us constitutes sound public policy.  Go figure.


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