Is Obama Protecting Chavez, Endangering America?

April 15, 2011 08:25

Why would the Obama administration not want to have the ability to interrogate comprehensively a man who purportedly knows a lot about one of this country’s most determined adversaries and his far-flung network of criminal, terrorist and other anti-American allies?

By Frank Gaffney, Jr. at Center for Security Policy


What might have passed for Mr. Obama’s willful blindness with respect to the rising threat posed by Chavismo – the rabidly anti-American regional campaign named for and sponsored by the dictator of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez – was revealed last week as perhaps something far more worrying, if not downright sinister:  A deliberate effort by the Obama Justice Department to impede U.S. access to a key witness to Chavez’s multifaceted malevolence.

Meanwhile, unfriendly foreign powers – including China, Russia and Iran and terrorist groups like Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad – are, with the active assistance of Chavez and his allies, establishing beachheads throughout the region.  Beijing is buying up resources and establishing intelligence operations; Russia is selling arms and reestablishing its Soviet-era influence operations; and Middle Eastern terrorists, both state-sponsors and their proxies, are joining forces with narco-traffickers to make money, convert locals to shariah and run smuggling operations into the United States.

In a recent television interview with Univision, Makled described Chavez’s Venezuela as a “narco-state” in which the government was “100 percent” involved in narco-trafficking.  He implicated “40 generals” and “ministers, congressmen [and] governors” – including two top Chavez allies, Commander-in-Chief Henry Rangel Silva and intelligence chief Hugo Carvajal – in such activities.  The drug kingpin also claimed that the military was protecting Hezbollah’s Venezuelan operations.

The bad news is that on Friday, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) revealed on Secure Freedom Radio that he had confirmed an astounding, indeed scandalous, development:  Eric Holder’s Justice Department had declined Colombia’s offer to extradite Makled to the United States.  In that case, it seems “the Turk” will be sent back to Venezuela.  At that point, he will clearly be beyond the reach of American jurisprudence, assuming he is not simply liquidated in short order.


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