Bring on the gator filled moat says Rep. Joe Walsh

May 13, 2011 08:32

Walsh mocks back in an official congressional letter to Obama on the lack of border security and Obama’s mocking of those interested in national security.

Here is the text:

“The Honorable Barack Obama
The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500-0005

Dear Mr. President,

Mr. President, I’ve been told you are a serious man, a deep thinker, and that you’ve said you want to raise the level of the debate when it comes to immigration reform, so I can only assume that you were serious when you suggested yesterday that, to secure our borders, the United States should build ” … a moat with alligators.”

I actually think a moat might be a very good idea and I’m wondering how many alligators it would take to secure the entire boarder. Again, I don’t know if you were serious, but what I do know is that much of your behavior toward securing the boarder and enforcing our immigration laws hasn’t been serious thus far.

When you consult with Latino Hollywood celebrities such as Eva Longoria and Rosario Dawson wanting their take on immigration reform, you aren’t serious. When you sit down with the SEIU and other union leaders to get their take on immigration reform, you aren’t serious. When you threaten to sue border states that are only doing what the federal government won’t do, you aren’t serious. And, finally, when you bring up “immigration reform” for political reasons – to fire up
the folks on the left as the election season nears – you aren’t serious.

When it comes to securing our borders, enforcing our immigration laws and holding businesses accountable for hiring illegal immigrants, Mr. President, I, like many of my Republican colleagues, am serious. And if it would take introducing legislation to build a moat with alligators in order to secure our borders to get you to be serious on the topic – I’m game.


Representative Joe Walsh

Illinois 08″

Rep. Joe Walsh’s video of Obama speech alligator comments and his response:

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