College class recruits for communists, promotes union violence

May 12, 2011 05:18

The left is increasingly open about pushing socialism / Marxism / communism in college classes and even in high schools and junior high. As America wakes up to the bankruptcy caused by the union Democrat alliance the left is urging violence and destruction of property to get their way.

The teachers union (NEA) and the United Auto Workers (UAW) both had roots in establishing Marxism in America.

In this video Andrew Breitbart and Phil Christofanelli discuss an actual college “labor studies” course that recruited for the Communist Party and advocated union violence, intimidation and property destruction.

The Obama administration is supportive of socialists and unions. AFL-CIO head Trumka brags that he is in contact with the Obama White House daily. Shortly after becoming president, Obama gave the Presidential Medal of Freedom to socialist union leader John Sweeney.  Obama vehemently claims that the SEIU union agenda is his agenda.

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