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May 4, 2011 05:29

The public therefore surely needs health warnings on products contaminated by this dangerous “pollutant”?

by Viv Forbes, Chairman of the Carbon Sense Coalition

We’re told we need a carbon tax to combat dangerous carbon pollution.

The public therefore surely needs health warnings on products contaminated by this dangerous “pollutant”?

The bubbles from beer, champagne and soda water are carbon dioxide which contains 27% carbon. If carbon pollution is as bad as we are told, there should be a law banning consumption of such polluting drinks in enclosed areas or public places.

Cane sugar contains a dangerously high 40% carbon, barbeque steak contains 53% carbon and fats and oils contain over 70% carbon. These products should display health warnings:

“This product contains carbon, a declared dangerous pollutant. Use of this product will cause floods and droughts, frosts and heatwaves. Exercise caution when using.”

In fact, as every food product contains carbon, there should be a health warning at the entrance of every grocery store and restaurant:

“Polluted Products Warning: All foods sold in this outlet contain carbon.”

To emphasise the danger, the health warning should be printed in green and all food products should be sold in plain wrappers.

There could also be a “Green Tick” system for safe products free of carbon pollution. The only grocery item that has earned a green tick so far is pure water.

Diligent public protectors have also discovered that exhaled human breath contains 40,000 parts per million of carbon dioxide or about 1% carbon, one hundred times higher than fresh air. This could explain the hysterical legislative proposals coming from carbon polluted debating chambers in Canberra. Therefore, in the interests of good government, all future debates on the carbon tax should be held outdoors and no carbon polluted food or drinks should be served in government cafeterias.

Viv Forbes, Chairman

The Carbon Sense Coalition

MS 23, Rosewood, Qld 4340

0754 640 533

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