Obama’s worst enemy is Obama

May 9, 2011 06:03

[H]is downfall will commence when voters awaken to the fact that many of his current “crises” — and all the most critical ones — are self-inflicted.

By J.R. Dunn at American Thinker


They don’t simply come out of nowhere, in the form of “events,” unforeseen and random, but are generated through acts of omission or commission by none other than Obama himself.  This creates an opening that must not be overlooked by the GOP candidate, whoever that may be.

The gas crisis is something that, in its impact on the daily life of voters, should have a serious effect on Obama’s chances in 2012.  So you’d expect some effort at a solution on his part.  But look as long and hard as you like — that is something you will not find.

Yet Salazar, presumably with Obama’s blessing, has been working overtime to prevent access to these new finds, first in the Gulf, then in Alaska, and lately in the Midwest.

The food crisis — and when people are actually going hungry, it is a crisis — is of similar nature.

We all know this story: in hopes of cutting oil imports and protecting Gaia from global warming, the federal government has mandated a percentage of ethanol as transportation fuel, at the same time subsidizing its production.  This has had no effect on oil (as the recent price spike clearly shows) or Gaia either, while boosting food prices to the point where riots, disturbances, and actual starvation have occurred worldwide.

Obama’s response? His administration mandates even higher ethanol fuel levels, that is, acts to directly increase human misery.


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