A Nutshell History of Climate-Change Hysteria

June 30, 2011 09:35

In the 1970s, besides Vietnam, society was sensitized to a worldwide cooling trend.  In addition to cover stories in Time, Newsweek, and other popular magazines of the era, the cover of books like The Cooling by Lowell Ponte teased, “Has the next ice age already begun? Can we survive it?”

By Anthony J. Sadar at American Thinker


One battleground that soon became the main theater of the war was society’s culpability to climate change.

The cover of Our Changing Weather: Forecast of Disaster? by Claude Rose pondered “Will our fuel run out?  Will our food be destroyed?  Will we freeze?”  The back cover claimed: “Northern hemisphere temperatures have been falling steadily since the 1940s.  Glaciers are advancing once again.  Scientists no longer debate the coming of a new ice age: the question now is when?”  (“Scientists no longer debate…” sound familiar?)

Well, as we all now know, the frights of the past were unfounded.  We were encouraged to be scared of the wrong things.

The rising temperature trend experienced most recently (a trend currently leveling off) began in the mid- to late 1970s.

These scientists are now finally able to assure us that climate calamity caused by industry and callous working-class culprits — and definitely not, for instance, the sun — can be declared with absolute total academic certainty, theoretically.  And, fortunately with enough dollars (billions upon billions of them) redistributed in the right way to correct our errant ways, the global village may yet experience its climate nirvana.


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