How Free is Your State?

June 9, 2011 07:10

Interactive map lets you see how your state measures up on individual and economic freedom.

From the Mercatus Center at George Mason University

William Ruger, Jason Sorens| Jun 08, 2011

The Mercatus Center released its second edition of “Freedom in the 50 States,” which ranks states based on the economic and personal freedom afforded their citizens. The authors found that a state’s freedom level is important because the less free a state, the less likely its residents are to thrive.

The study is co-authored by Jason Sorens, assistant professor of political science, University of Buffalo (SUNY) and William Ruger, assistant professor of political science, Texas State University-San Marcos.

“We did this study because—while studies existed that looked at economic freedom levels across states—there wasn’t anything that looked more broadly to include personal freedoms, and we thought this was something worth measuring,” said Sorens.

Ruger adds, “Freedom is a means to lots of private ends we value, but freedom is also an end in and of itself.”

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