Like the Fed? You’ll love Obama’s Medicare rationing panel

June 9, 2011 07:21

[Obamacare] that was approved by every Democratic senator and signed into law by Obama created the Medicare Independent Payment Advisory Board.

By: Philip Klein at Washington Examiner


Democrats have assailed House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s proposal to contain Medicare costs by offering future seniors the ability to choose among subsidized private health care plans.

But if Obamacare is fully implemented, IPAB’s 15 presidentially appointed experts will submit a report to Congress each year proposing ways to make sure Medicare spending does not exceed certain annual growth targets.

By law, the proposal can only be amended if the resulting change reduces Medicare spending by at least as much as IPAB’s proposals, or is approved by both chambers of Congress and three-fifths of the Senate.

If Congress doesn’t meet a deadline to approve its own version, then IPAB’s recommendations automatically get implemented.

Obama made strengthening IPAB a central component of the deficit reduction vision he announced in April. And the influential liberal group, the Center for American Progress, has proposed eventually extending IPAB’s recommendations to all health care plans in the United States.


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