Obama’s electric rate raising anti-coal agenda a payback?

June 13, 2011 04:56

[W]ho benefits from his plans [to] wreck a major portion of our economy while also boosting electricity prices across America?

By Ed Lasky at American Thinker


A clue: he and his pals from Chicago have incestuous ties to the one company whose prospects will be boosted by Obama’s policies.

While Barack Obama has broken many promises he made along the campaign trail to the Oval Office, one promise seems close to whatever heart he may have: to bankrupt the coal industry.

What political figures close to Barack Obama have long ties to Exelon?

David Axlerod, Obama’s campaign strategist and chief domestic policy adviser (who had the office closest to the Oval one before he left the White House to return to the 2012 campaign trail), has reaped quite a few rewards from doing business with Commonwealth Edison, which  became part of the Exelon octopus through corporate mergers (this corporate history is linked to Rahm Emanuel, see below).

Then there is Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s longtime political ally and his former Chief of Staff who recently became Chicago’s mayor.  But between stints in politics he took the revolving door between politics and business and signed up for a very lucrative and brief career in investment banking.  This is the very same revolving door Obama has promised to close. Who was his major client?  Need one ask?  The aforementioned John Rowe, Chief Executive Officer of Exelon.


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