Trump Calls Bachmann the Real Deal, but Pawlenty Is Fired

June 16, 2011 06:39

“Michele Bachmann did a very good job.  I thought she looked good, looked sharp, sounded good,” [but] Pawlenty missed a great opportunity on ‘Romneycare.’ ” – The Donald

by  Jason Mattera at Human Events


Pawlenty’s verbosity, Trump argued, is not the type of leadership Americans are looking for in a presidential candidate.  “We’re in deep trouble.  We need tough people that are smart.”

“We don’t need words, we need action.”

Trump faulted the moderator of the New Hampshire debate, CNN’s John King, for repeatedly interrupting the candidates mid-sentence.

“You can’t say to somebody, ‘What would you do to fix the economy, you have 20 seconds,’ and then during the 20 seconds you’re trying to rush them.”

On Palin, well, Trump’s a big fan (“She’s a terrific woman”), but his gut tells him she won’t be entering the race.


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