Bachmann leads in Iowa, Pawlenty eats dust as former warmer

July 11, 2011 08:08

Romney fell four points behind Bachmann’s 25 percent and Pawlenty was a distant third in a virtual tie with Herman Cain at around 9 percent.

No wonder Pawlenty feels he has to attack Bachmann’s record.  In a veiled response Bachmann reminded people of Pawlenty’s past support for cap and trade
which included his agreement to have Minnesota participate in the multistate Midwest Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord which raised consumer energy rates as much as 38 percent. Pawlenty went so far as to do a radio ad for the leftist Environmental Defense Fund urging congress to burden taxpayers with huge taxes and energy costs for the mythical warming scare.

The Environmental Defense Fund receives funding from the Joyce Foundation which also funds the Soros connected Tides Foundation.

As this becomes more widely known by conservatives the Pawlenty campaign will rapidly go the way of Newt Gingrich who is famous for doing the TV ad with Nancy Pelosi urging the same toxic legislation.

Pawlenty now says his support for cap and trade was a mistake but what does he really believe about the man-made global warming hoax? Is he afraid to say?

Bachmann’s lead over Romney is slim but her favorability rating is ten points higher according to The Iowa Republican polling:

“While Bachmann’s lead over Romney is just within the margin of error, the poll’s cross tabs show how much momentum her campaign has generated in Iowa. Her favorability is ten points higher than Romney’s, who had the second highest number in that category. Her unfavorable figure is 14 points lower than Romney’s, giving her a stellar plus 65 favorability margin. Her numbers suggest that Bachmann has found a very effective way to appeal to caucus goers.

The candidate with the next highest favorable/unfavorable spread is Tim Pawlenty with a plus 48 margin. Like Bachmann, Pawlenty is well liked by caucus goers, but he has found it more difficult to move his overall polling number in the state. Pawlenty finished in third place in the poll by edgeing out Herman Cain, 8.8 percent to 8.5 percent.”

Bachmann has been a consistent voice for constitutional conservatism. In a piece she wrote for The Daily Caller she defined what that means:

“Let me start by pointing out that the conservative movement, as Ronald Reagan believed, is a three-legged stool. One leg consists of peace-through-strength conservatives, another of fiscal and economic conservatives, and the third of social conservatives — the values voters.

Constitutional conservatism includes all three of those legs. My candidacy is based on the unity of the conservative movement — because each leg of the stool is vital.

I believe our founders knew what they were doing when they designed a limited government with specific, enumerated powers. I’m also convinced that many of our problems result from the federal government’s insatiable — and unconstitutional — grab for power and money. On issues ranging from light bulbs to bailouts, to the Dodd-Frank banking legislation, Washington has been on a destructive spree of bureaucratic empire-building. It’s time for that to stop.

Moreover, I believe in the unjustly neglected Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.””

America desperately needs a change of leadership. Not just another politician but a fighter for the people. Could Michele Bachmann be that leader?

Michael Whipple, Editor

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