Politicians Call for Sacrifice to Solve the Mess They Created

July 11, 2011 06:11

“Congress voted for and created terrible problems as a result of their own negligence and excesses and lack of aforethought. They should cease demanding that earners/producers “sacrifice” to save politician’s rear ends.”

By Sylvia Bokor at Capitalism Magazine


Jeff Bingaman is one of New Mexico’s Senators. On July 07, 2011 he sent a newsletter to his constituents. It is a very long newsletter, filled with many questionable statements, premised on the usual Leftists’ view of man as a sacrificial goat.

I’m posting here only some of Senator Bingaman’s paragraphs and my comments. The Senator’s paragraphs I’ve chosen to post here do not necessarily reflect the Senator’s worse demands. They do, however, reveal his worse premises.


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