George Will tax plan – no corporate tax, no death tax

August 11, 2011 04:09

“So the first thing you want to do is in my judgment is what Reagan did, Reagan came in — President Obama acts as though he’s the first president who ever inherited a country from his predecessor that wasn’t perfect.  Think of what Reagan — remember the misery index under Carter?  You added the inflation and the unemployment and — and you were over 20 percent.  Reagan came in and said  we’re going to lighten the load of government on the private sector.  We’re going to cut taxes.  We’re going to cut regulations.’  This president has not done that, and I think it’s time to try that.”

Sadly the interviewer still takes what Obama says at face value. This is not even close to what Obama means when he says “tax reform.” To Obama “tax reform” only means raise taxes. Obama views on taxes are based on his Marxist ideology and his leftist idea of “fairness” not economic growth or tax revenues. Its the same with Obama’s idea of “jobs.” When Obama says “jobs” he only means more government spending for his leftist ideology.

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