NOAA headed by extremist warm-onger

August 1, 2011 05:55

Dr. Jane Lubchenco, the environmentalist rock star and former vice chairperson of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), was appointed as the administrator of NOAA by President Obama.  She has installed a team of eco-zealots, and they have a Climate Service Office ready and waiting to proceed

By Mike Johnson at American Thinker


Cap and trade remains a key element in President Obama’s vow of a “fundamental transformation of America,” despite legislative branch setbacks.  Now he may have found a way around the Constitution’s checks and balances.

Mr. Rohrabacher (R-CA) questioned Dr. Lubchenco extensively on the above (video here), suggesting that having these people in place is strongly indicative of a de facto up-and-running service, in contravention of the expressed desires of the Congress.  Dr. Lubchenco demurred, replying that planning ahead is simply good management.  Mr. Rohrabacher then quoted a December 2010 interview of Dr. Karl in ClimateWire where Dr. Karl said, “[W]e’ve moved in[.] … [W]e’re waiting for the marriage certificate, but we’re acting like we have a climate service.”  Mr. Rohrabacher suggested a “living in climate sin” metaphor.

What I do expect is that Dr. Lubchenco will be true to her EDF roots.  She followed the EDF party line with the fisheries and can be anticipated to follow it on cap and trade.  In both cases, the EDF stances are the extreme environmentalist positions.


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