Obama administration thinks growing food stamp program is job stimulus

August 16, 2011 14:27

With record numbers of Americans needing food stamps, Obama’s Ag secretary says its a great stimulus to the economy.  Maybe we should just give everyone food stamps and then we would have a booming economy. With people like this on the “jobs” job we are in deep kimshee. Where did he find these nuts? Are they all former ACORN employees?

If every dollar in food stamps generates $1.84 in economic activity, then the U.S. economy could grow at 84% just by putting all Americans on food stamps. This guy is a moron. First, every dollar in food stamps is generated by taking MORE than a dollar out of the pockets of taxpayers (more, in order to cover the cost of the food stamps bureaucracy), or by borrowing more than a dollar from China (more, due to interest payments). This HURTS? the economy, not helps it. – Bill Hobbs

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