Perry’s good week vs Obama’s bad week

August 23, 2011 04:42

Perry’s promise to make Washington “as inconsequential in your lives as possible” is resonating in libertarian New Hampshire. He has moved into second place here after just a few days in the race, registering 18 percent support among Granite State Republicans. – Washington Post

By at The Washington Post


The secret to Perry’s success? One word: jobs. As Perry explained in Portsmouth, he has “ten years of leading a state that inarguably has the best record of job creation in America — no offense to any other candidate, but no one else is close to that.” As if on cue to prove Perry’s point, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday that Texas had added another 30,000 jobs in July — the state’s 10th straight month of job growth.

… Democratic head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Richard Fisher, gave a speech supporting Perry’s claims. Over the past two years, Fisher said, “Texas has accounted for 49.9 percent of net new jobs created in the United States,” and the vast majority were equal to or above the national average for weekly wages. “These jobs are not low-paying jobs,” he said. Moreover, Fisher added, the reason so many people and businesses have been moving to Texas is that “private sector capital and jobs will go to where taxes and spending and regulatory policy are most conducive to growth.” Translation: Texas is creating half the new jobs in America, thanks to the pro-growth policies Perry presided over.

As Obama wrapped up his American jobs tour aboard his Canadian-made bus, Gallup released a new poll that found that 71 percent of Americans disapprove of the president’s handling of the economy — the worst ratings ever during his presidency. Not to worry, Obama told the American people, he has a new jobs plan — but he won’t tell us what it is until he gets back from Martha’s Vineyard.


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