The Deal – according to Boehner

August 1, 2011 07:02

Speaker Boehner posted this summary of the debt ceiling deal last night (July 31, 2011). Comments after each slide are the Editor’s.

Obama increased cabinet level spending by as much as 30% in some cases. Does this do anything to roll it back? No.

Considering conservatives are only a minority of the majority party in one branch of government and that the White House and the senate are controlled by left wing socialist radicals, this may be all we can get. Lets hope its not too little too late. The 2012 election is the only hope of saving the Republic and that may be iffy.

Remember that these “cuts” are not really cuts but less of an increase from an already outrageously bloated increasing spending plan.

These supposedly automatic triggers will strip defense which is the one constitutional role of government equally with the socialist policies that are bankrupting the nation. They do nothing to limit the thousands of regulatory boards and bloated agencies which Obama’s radical leftist appointees are using to circumvent congress and impose central control over every aspect of your lives from what food you can eat to what appliances you must buy. It also does nothing to limit the exploding cost of Obamacare which now looks like may be over $2 trillion.

A balanced budget amendment is a noble goal. By the time this could even get voted on and then ratified by the states the US will already have spent itself into generations of tax slavery and inflation if not outright default. Alan Greenspan said “Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth.” Obama and the socialist Democrats know this. The more they can spend today, the more they have confiscated from future generations. This will be fought by Democrats to the last man in office.

This is holding Obama accountable? It looks more like we are bribing him with trillions of dollars that he uses as his campaign slush funds to prevent his veto of meager limits on his astronomical spending growth.

I sincerely hope this works at least until the 2012 elections when we can sweep out the big government socialists in both parties and return to a constitutional Republic.

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