The Ticket Obama Fears Most – Perry / Rubio

August 29, 2011 05:44

President Obama could face his worst electoral nightmare.

By Bruce Walker at American Thinker


There is virtually no downside to Rubio and the advantages to the ticket are prohibitive.  He is youthful, attractive, and articulate.

At the outset, both men are excellent campaigners — articulate, likeable, attractive, and accustomed to winning elections in the diverse and large populations of Texas and Florida.  Unlike Republican nominees since Reagan, Rick Perry knows how to work crowds.

Both Perry and Rubio have life stories which demonstrate that the American Dream really works.  Perry grew up on a cotton tenant farm in the middle of nowhere and worked hard up every step in his path to success.  Rubio’s parents worked in menial jobs so that their son could have a better life.  Imagine Rubio campaigning in Las Vegas, where his parents worked like so many Hispanics today, cleaning rooms and tending bars.

Perry and Rubio are both social and economic conservatives.

This particular ticket would also have profound appeal to Hispanic voters, whose support for Obama has dropped a dramatic 36 points since he took office.

If Hispanic voters, already accustomed to conservative Republicans senators and governors, vote in substantial numbers for conservative Republicans at the national level, then not only is Obama in trouble, but so is his party.  That is why Perry-Rubio could be the ticket Democrats fear most.


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