America’s Children Come Home to Roost

October 14, 2011 06:09

[T]hey obediently wallow in the muck of anarchy, as their academic pagan priests taught them.  May this tragic farce playing out on our campuses and main streets mark the bottom of our descent, before we begin to rise again. – American Thinker

By Stella Paul at American Thinker


Thousands of vampires with PhDs labored for decades to perfect the art of sucking the souls from America’s trusting young, and then hustling them into the slavery of terminal stupidity.

A British paper informs us that Bard College students are gracing the Occupy Wall Street throngs in New York, playing hookey on their $57,000 a year classes.  Or are they?  I suspect they’re apple-polishing for extra credit.

Attention Bard parents, who thought you were shelling out a fortune to put a little artsy sheen on your precious darlings! Actually, you were thrusting them into the hands of the ISM, a terrorist-enabling group awarded a gold medal by Hamas for all their lovely help.

George Soros — imagine that! — just donated $60 million to Bard College for international work under the aegis of the brand-new Bard College Center for Civic Engagement.

Perhaps the Occupy Boston mob feels a collegial warmth for Mahenna, who’s one of five New England Muslim college graduates either arrested for or convicted of terrorist acts.  For the record, alumni donors, their colleges were Northeastern, MIT, U Mass, Boston and Brandeis University.

…. Harvard’s Stephen Walt is patiently explaining the evils of America’s Jews …

…. Dr. Roy specializes in instructing impressionable youngsters on the moral beauty of Hamas and other terror groups ….

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