Communist Party, Nazi Party, Ayatollah Khamenei, Hugo Chavez, Obama, Pelosi in Solidarity with Occupiers

October 17, 2011 06:58

Socialist dictator Hugo Chavez and Iran’s anti-American theocrat Ayatollah Khamenei join with Obama, Pelosi and many other Marxists in the US government in supporting the #OWS protests along with the communists and former White House staffer and revolutionary communist Van Jones. And now even theNAZI Party has endorsed the protests. Is something wrong with this picture?

Birds of a feather they flock together.

Chavez’ socialist Utopia has food and energy shortages, rampant inflation and exploding crime. Iran is a tyrannical theocracy that suppressed its protesters with swift and deadly violence.

Meanwhile the openly socialist senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders is calling on occupiers and supporters to pull their money from the banks to cause them to collapse.  The head of the Socialist Employee Union International, SEIU, (which is closely allied with Obama) Steven Lerner has advocated collapsing the system and creating chaos and to “create a crisis for the super rich.” He is also calling for terrorizing corporate executives. Occupy Wall Street Was Organized From Day One by SEIU / ACORN Front – The Working Family Party.

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SEIU’s Stephen Lerner Leaks Plan to Terrorize Corporate Executives:

Create A Crisis For The Super Rich:

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