Solargate Opens Wide – now Pelosi benefits

October 3, 2011 07:50

Corruption: It turns out a recent recipient of the administration’s largesse is from the House of Pelosi. The green energy scandal keeps picking up speed. – IBD Editorials

IBD Editorials


Last week, the Energy Department completed a $737 million loan guarantee to Tonopah Solar Energy and an additional $337 million for Sempra Energy.

But an enterprising blog called the American Glob dug a bit and found that “The No. 2 guy at Pacific Corporate Group is Ronald Pelosi,” who happens to be the brother-in-law of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

The connections continued through Tonopah Solar Energy and SolarReserve, not only with Pelosi but also with George Kaiser, the billionaire who has invested heavily in both Solyndra and Obama.

Other connections with SolarReserve include two board members who have given generously to Obama and other Democrats.


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