Wynn: Business Fears Out-Of-Control Government, “weird political philosophy of president”

October 21, 2011 06:33

Obama [is] “the greatest wet blanket to business, and progress and job creation in my lifetime.”

From IBD Editorials


In a call with analysts about Wynn Resort’s third quarter earnings, the executive let loose on the worsening business environment for American companies, the Occupy Wall Street movement, the class war against the rich, and the growing control exercised by the federal government over entrepreneurs and businesses.

I am watching my employees’ standard of living drop because of deficits. I think that the American public is beginning to make a connection between deficits and their own loss of living standard…

And we have an administration that is fanning the fires that this is somehow undeserved, profligate millionaires, and it is worse than hypocrisy. It is totally dishonest. It represents young people who don’t know the difference, simple misunderstanding and the lack of understanding of how the economy works or what’s going on in America, but if it’s politician that does it or union leader, then it represents something much more pernicious. It represents a deliberate misleading of the public. And I think that Americans are waking up to this.

It’s simply a statement of fact from a businessman who has supported probably more Democrats than Republicans. But I say right now that the Democratic agenda of spend and bribe the public has bankrupt this country, and until it stops, the citizens of this country are in for more hard times. And fancy speeches aren’t going to change that, only a fundamental realization that citizens are going to have to take real sophisticated responsibility for how we allocate the resources of this country.


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